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Your Beautiful period!

If only this could be integrated as your truth


As everybody's truth!

Beauty is in the eye of the holder, like art.

We are like art

And in that

Your beauty has no bounds

Unless you put them there,

From society

From social media

From what OTHERS say beauty is.

But what if they are wrong

(Because they are!!!)

And you,

Who you are

Is a beautiful peice of art like no other,

One of a kind!

(Because you are!)

Your beauty comes from within and shines even brighter the more you integrate this new,

Real truth...

Your beauty has no limits

And is defined by your heart ❤️

You truly are more beautiful than you can imagine,

Please don't let other options or ideals of what they were shown and taught

Take your true beauty away.

I see you,

I love you

We are all in this School of Life together ❤️

Much love, always

Wendy Anne Walker - Awaken to Your Authentic Self

Share if you agree and let's create a bigger change on what beauty truly is!


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