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Past life regression

A Past Life Regression is more than finding out who you were or what you did in your past.


Your current experience is influenced by the lifetimes you have lived before.


Have you ever felt connected to a person, place or culture?

That is due to your past life memories recalling the experience.


Benefits of Past Life Regression:

Get exceptionally clear on your future, release your emotional and mental confusion,

feel at peace, understanding a situation, get unstuck knowing the reason why you are and so much more!


During our session, I guide you as you go into one of your past lives. Your Soul knows and automatically chooses which life you need to revisit. This past life will help support you in your current life.


The past life you go into is currently impacting you now,  in this life.

You will learn lessons to carry forward into this life, gain knowledge, insight and heal any trauma that needs to be healed from that life.


Each session is approximately 2 hours and the take away is priceless!

Past Life Regression Sessions are done in person

Cost: $200

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