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Licensed Soul Therapist

Certified Past Life Regressionist

Spiritual Guide

Generational Healer

Certified Angel Card Reader

Reiki Level 1 & 2

Aromatherapy - Essential Oils Course

Threading & Make Up Artistry

Educational Assistant with Special Needs

Hello I am

And I am someone who allows you to see, feel, and experience the REAL you, finally.

Under all those layers of limitations and restrictions.

I know this because I am absolutely brilliant at seeing you and holding space for you...

And in that, you experience your true self!


We all have so much inner beauty within us yet it is very rarely experienced in full truth. I can connect with this part within you to support you to see and feel this truth as well. It fills my heart with so much joy to watch you flourish and grow into YOU. For me, this is my life’s purpose, I am committed to working with women that are ready to experience their life from their true self. 


I believe Mother Earth is our classroom & playground. Every experience we have is there to teach us, yes, even the most painful ones. They are actually our greatest teachers. Allow me to support you to shift the way you look at you and your life. Open the doors to loving YOU and everything you embody as there is NO ONE else out there like you, you are so special and unique! 


My own personal journey has been one of unconditional self-love and really integrating this into my life. I have been through many tough and painful experiences throughout my life. Raising my sister's 3 children for eight years as a single caregiver, being a hardcore people pleaser and perfectionist (just to name a few) have really taken me into knowing and feeling deep self-loathing and even self-hatred. 


The beauty in it all is that I am here today, a survivor and a woman full of love and compassion. I have been to my breaking point many times over but then I chose to love and accept myself as my authentic self. All parts of me, the good, the not-so-awesome, and even the ugly. This is when my life changed forever, allow me to support you to do the same!





Sending love & blessings,

Wendy Anne Walker

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