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You are so different than me...

Sorry about the f*** bomb but I felt it was needed!

We are all so different and unique in so many ways.

And at times that is looked down upon, ridiculed or judgments are made from it.

But what if it’s the different ness that actual make you so beautiful?

Judgements (of self and others) is tied into self love, or I should say lack of self love and acceptance.

We judge because we want to feel good about who we are

We want to feel loved

We want to feel valued

And we want to be validated

So judgement comes from a place of wanting to be loved

And it can create such a separation, inward and outwards, between people

But what if all your different ness was what makes you shine?

And judging it yourself or others putting their own judgments on it

Only takes away your light,

Leaves you feeling unworthy

Not enough



And un-valued

But none of those things are true

In last nights Soul Cirlce this topic came up…

Of not feeling safe enough or like you can’t trust other women.


And I get it,

As women (especially)

There are many things we are told and shown

Like how to be, show up, act

Do this and don’t do that

Look this way to be “beautiful”

Don’t say that because “abc”

It’s a generational thing that has been built

in women

And in this, comes the need to try and prove we are “abc”

Because by judging others it can (temporarily) help us feel ‘better’ about oneself. (Or worse but that’s another conversation)

That is why it has not felt safe to open up, share and just be YOU, often around women.

But let me tell you,

When women get together from a heart space, with love and acceptance for self and others, no matter where they are in their journey,

It is magical



The authentic support that can be created and felt…

The complete acceptance and love that is shared can help us all get through anything that life has in store.

This is what is created in my Soul Circles.

A container of love, acceptance, truth and a space to just be you, where ever you may be on your journey.

Because we all have bad days, challenges, shadows…

And so much wisdom to share and support each other with.

No matter who you,

how you are,

your race,

your background,

your religion,

your ethnicity….


YOU are so fucking Beautiful

Because all of the ways you are different

I love you,

I hear you,

I see you,

I am you,

We are all in this together

Much love, always

Wendy Anne Walker

Check out my in person and online Soul Circles if you are ready to explore and awaken to YOU while being surrounded by like minded women having authentic heart centred conversations.


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