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You are more than enough, Always!

You are more than enough, Always!

Life can feel hard at times, and it's when things feel challenging or we feel hurt (emotionally)

That we go into the space of not feeling enough.

It can be from simple little daily life things,

Or big, challenging life experiences,

Or from all the other uncomfortable experiences in between.

For many, it may be a daily experience of sinking into this space,

Of not feeling like enough

We all go there at times.

But it's not the truth we speak to ourselves in these moments.

It's a false truth,

A false perception,

That goes on in the mind

It could of have been learned as a child, or anywhere along the way,

But no matter where it came from,

It's not true.

You are more than enough, Always.

Because you are here, alive, breathing, this simple thing

Makes you matter!

When you are feeling ready to take a babystep forward and work on this part within,

Do this...

Anytime you become aware that you have been sucked back into the space of not feeling like enough or being worthy enough,

Place your hand on your heart (if you are in a space you feel Ok to do so) and repeat this mantra



So this each time, Even if it feels silly or untrue at times saying this,

Do it

Because each time you are aware and choose to do this, you are creating a new pathway in your mind to go, not the old pathway of just sitting in this icky energy and believing it for a while,

You are working on shaping a new pathway,

One that is true, and deeply support YOU.

I would love to hear how this goes for you, if you can choose a day or week to try to do this each and everytime you become aware.

What changed for you & how was the experience?

We are all in this School of Life together

And YOU Matter

Much love, always

Wendy Anne Walker - Awaken to Your Authentic Self

I invite you to join me this Wednesday for my Virtual Monthly Soul Circle.

Gather with us as we awaken a bit more to our authentic self, together ❤️


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