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It only takes 1 new awareness to create change!

It only takes 1 new awarenesses to create change...

This is why I am so passionate about going inward and awakening, in all I share.

There is generations and lifetime's of trauma that we each carry.

We all have an UNCOMFORTABLE yet comfortable space of being in our 'trauma or inner craziness".

It's something that was learned as a child for a coping method,

And if we don't become aware of it,

We continue to live in this space as an adult.

This can cause anxiety, fear, addictions, toxic thoughts which can spiral into depression or other heavy mind states.

You see, we have created this pathway,

Of this is just where we go to cope because we haven't learned another way

Or yet awakened to this behavior so it stays your comfortable, UNCOMFORTABLE but familiar place to operate in.


And it only takes 1 new awareness to create change.

So if you want to create change in your life, in your inner world,

Become curious!

Be curios about why you think and do the things you do...

Not in judgments but curiousity

This IS key because judgments and critisims take you away from the awarenesses there.

It fills the space with mindchatter and won't allow you to really see what's there, so let the judgements go and be curious.

Why do you do that thing you do?

And what about it don't you like?

And why?


And from these answers that arise, what is your next step?


Your emotions and feelings will show you the way.

And if your like me and would like deeper support, join me in my Soul Circle ~ In-person this Thursday at 7:30pm (Passmore area, near Winlaw, B.C),

Virtual Monthly Soul Circle via Zoom,

Or if you want one-on-one support, let's connect and see if my 6-week Awakening Sessions Program is for you.

We are all in this School of Life Together,

And I am here to support you, thank you for being here, I am here because of you.

Much love, always

Wendy Anne Walker - Awaken to Your Authentic Self


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