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Feeling is healing

As we move through this time with many big energies at play (solar eclipse, mercury retrograde, new moon, etc)...

Be gentle with yourself,

And remember it's uncomfortable but OK

To sit with 'ick' or hard emotions arising

Because it's in the feeling that there is healing.

Allowing the emotions to be felt and let gonis one of the hardest things to do,

I get it,

I feel this too,

It's the worst part

But it's in this, the being able to sit with the "ick",

There will be an an acknowledgement of it, within the feeling, and an honoring of it,

And then when it's felt completely, it will be released and let go. This is the healing part, when it's released and not held on to or stored within your body to be felt later.

During the feeling process, call on friends, your safe person, be in nature and touch your hands and feet to the earth as she supports you through it.

You don't have to go through it alone, but just feel it, so you can heal it.

Earth is a water planet, and water is emotions and this means we are here on this planet to feel of the feels, not just for ourselves, for our ancestors, our family, our children and all the future generations to come.

I am here with you,

I see you,

And I love you.

Much love, always

Wendy Anne Walker - Awaken to Your Authentic Self

I invite you to join Soul Circle ~ In-person this Thursday and next Wednesday April 17th my Virtual Monthly Soul Circle.

As we awaken and grow together, women supporting women from the heart ❤️


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