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You are exactly where you need to be, and it's OK.

Wherever you are in life

Right now


It's where you need to be

And it's OK to be here


Stop judging it

Stop judging yourself over it

And ...

Stop feeling negative about it.

This experience is not here to shame you or make you feel less than in any way

It is here to show you places that are seeking to be healed within you

What this means, love, is...

Feelings that arise in your experience are energy

And this energy is something that has been reoccurring throughout your life.

If we can be aware enough of our experiences

We can learn to FEEL the feelings needed to be felt, honored, and released

So it is no longer energy (feelings), we are needing to feel any longer.


We have been taught to experience this life in such a false way, in my opinion.

We have been taught to care more about others and how they feel about us, and how

we can please them, to feel good about ourselves?!?!

That we lose sight of the amazing being within and the nature around us continually teaching and supporting us.

Experiences we have today are linked to

Experiences we had as a child that are unhealed.

You can link them if you pay attention to the emotions.

These emotions are attached to energies that keep replaying until we can bring awareness to the emotion if we feel it (which is so hard to do at times) without

judgments and just be the space holder for the emotion.

It can then be released and healed.

And we can dive into how to do this, more, another time.

If you are interested.

But just knowing and remembering this...

That where you are is OK and exactly where you need to be.

With no self-judgment of any of it.

Just allowance and acceptance.

We are all in this together...

I love you Beautiful Soul

This is my morning rant that wanted to come through

Thank you for listening and holding space.



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