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Where do you silently shame yourself?

Where do you silently shame yourslf?

Let’s open this up because we all have it somewhere.

And quite often it’s not even really ours,

Because as this innocent child growing up, you observed, experienced or witnessed this from others around you.

It’s ingrained in us, it’s been passed down generation after generation and in some cultures more deeply.

Where does it show up for you, now in your life?

Shame isn’t needed, it takes us from the experience of life,

It takes us out of the moment and into thoughts that slowly dull our inner light.

Today I want to open this up with you.

If you’re here, reading this, then this is for you, You are reading this for a reason.

No judgements around this, just go inward with a child like curiosity of “where does this show up for me?”

Is it really mine, or when have I witnessed or experienced this same theme of shame growing up?

Now, from having gone into these awakening questions above, what did you learn?

Are you carrying or putting shame on yourself in your inner world that isn’t yours? It was just shown to you this is where and how you were taught to be, and think!?!?

Honor yourself today,

Ponder this, a lot or a little.

Either way let’s open this door to awakening to your authentic self.

You’re Worth it!

You’re too amazing to let your shame dull your light.

I would love to hear what showed up for you if you’re willing to share.

I see you

I am here with you

Much love, always

Wendy Anne Walker

I hope to gather in circle with you.



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