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What is the biggest lie you currently tell yourself?

What is the biggest lie you currently tell yourself?

We all do it in some place..

Today let’s awaken a bit more together.

Remember it’s not about judging what comes up when we go inward.

It’s about childlike curiosity and being thankful for whatever does show up.

Be it’s in the answer that there are parts within that have not yet been awakened.

For some this will be an easy fast answer and for others, they may need to sit with this for a while,

Either way it is perfect.

It’s not a contest or a race

The answer is the gift

Because in this awareness you can gain insight to where, how and why you may do this.

And it’s in this space that you get to decide if this is your truth or something you now want to shift, change or let go of.

Only you can choose, because it’s awakening to YOUR authentic self,

Not mine or anyone else’s.

The beauty in awakening is learning yourself in a way you have never allowed before.

And remembering that you Beautiful Soul are so deeply needed and important.

The world needs more of us loving and living from our authentic self because the more and more we step into this space

The brighter and brighter our inner light shines and in that creates a life worth living and allows others to know, see and observe that they too, can let their light shine💕

We are all in this School of Life together!

I see you,

I love you, Sweet Soul!

Sit with this question for a day or two and see what answers come up for you and what in the answers you want to work with, if anything.


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