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What Does it Mean to be Authentically Me?

The word authentic is being used everywhere nowadays. So what does it really mean? In my opinion, it means learning and connecting within to yourself and living life from this place. To do this you must go on a personal journey of self-growth and discovery! So many people have been taught as they grew up, to act be and do what they were told. This supports you in disconnecting with the real you. Has a friend ever asked you what you wanted to do and you had no idea? Is this a regular occurrence for you? I speak with so many women and men that have no idea who they truly are or what kind of life they want to create because they are living from others peoples thoughts beliefs or ideals. How can you tell if you are living a life for other or yourself? Check in and ask yourself "how do you enjoy your life right now? Are you predominate emotion love, joy and happiness?" If not then this means you are not living life from your authentic self. If you were you would know it, feel it and embody it! I feel I should also mention that living your life from this space is not selfish. It is actually very selfless because you are living from your heart space receiving and sharing love. When you live from your authentic self you are not in your ego and so the choices you make are based on love and honour you and this beautiful gift of life you are experiencing.

If you desire to live more in your authentic self, I invite you to book a complimentary 30-minute Soul Therapy consultation with me. Soul Therapy uses ancient heart wisdom to support women by authentically expressing her true self by understanding and releasing core conditioning that limits her experience to living a life of freedom. Understanding who you are, why you think, feel and react to life the way you do will free up a lot of your energy, time and money by opening a door to the power of your sacred soul’s wisdom.


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