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Today is a brand new day, don't live from Yesterday💕

It is so easy to forget that each day is really a brand new day.

I get it,

It often feels like the days fall into each other or monotonous.

Am I right?

Like we are living in autopilot

Day in and day out

Because there are many things that need to be done repetitive, on a daily basis

But when we are living in this space, we are actually living from the past.

We are bringing in our past thoughts, behaviors, and feelings into our brand new day.

This is so easy to do

We all actually do it,

Some more regularly than others

Because this is what we have been taught and conditioned

Look at your parents,

I bet you can recall observing them doing this same thing

Today, I want to share the gift of awareness around this

Let's remember that each day really is a new day

And it's in this

That it is our choice..

To live in the newness of this day

Or bring in the thoughts, feelings, and patterns of yesterday's.

And like with any awarenesses, let any judgments or criticism go

It only takes us back into old yesterday's

We have all done this, and we still do this

But right now,

Right here

Reading this,

With me

Is your choice to bring in the new day or live from yesterday's.

There's really no "wrong" choice

Just decide on the type of life experiences you want from this life and choose what is your truth and what is right for you.

What new things, thoughts, emotions, and experiences can you bring forward to this brand new day

That will feed your soul and support you💕

We are all in this School of Life Together

I see you

I hear you


I love you

I invite you to join me in my in person Soul Cirlce this Thursday as we go within and awaken to our authentic selves.

Much love, always

Wendy Anne Walker


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