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This is just the next chapter

Life is continually full of unknowns

It feels scary because because we can't control them and that may feel unsafe, for many.

But the truth is we are not supposed to control them.

And when we try to, we can actually take away or be too "busy and caught up" to see the truth of why life is unfolding the way it is.

We CAN intend for things to go as we wish and let them go

& if they do not manifest , it doesn't mean....

Something is wrong with you, or you did something wrong...

It means...

You deserve more

You deserve better

You are worthy of more

And you are deeply supported

Becuase each experience is here to give you a new chance to choose new,

To choose different

To heal

To release

To let go of what is not serving you

So you can level up,

Because in levelling up

I get it though....

I have definitely been in the ick of challenges and the unknown countless times.

Feeling defeated, feeling worthless, going through all the coulda, woulda, shoulda's, and wondering what I did that was wrong.

I am here to remind you that life's unknowns and challenges are not meant for you to go into this place, of feeling you did something wrong or bad.

Because you didn't, you ARE however

Growing, healing and awakening to your authentic self along the way.


Take deep breaths

Be in nature as often as you can

And remember...

No matter what, in any circumstance,

You deserve more love, ALWAYS

Not less.

This is just the next chapter & It's going to be the best one YET!

You've got this,

You always have this,

I see you

I am here with you

We are in this School of Life Together

Much love, always

Wendy Anne Walker

Join me in person or online at my next Soul Circle.

I am here for you, just reach out and message me.

And if you are desiring deeper support, my Soul Therapy Programs may be exactly what you need. I offer free connection call to make sure we connect and resonate with each other, there is never any obligation to work with me. I am here to support you.


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