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The art of allowing. What are you allowing or resisting?

There are so many things happening globally right now, with COVID-19 pandemic! How are you doing through this?

Really, honestly, take a moment and go inward. What feelings and emotions are you experiencing right now? Are you allowing them, or trying to ignore them and stuff them down?

The art of allowing is to acknowledge where you are, no matter how uncomfortable it may be or feel. It is so common to want to run away or not acknowledge all the emotions that you may be going through. But this stops you from living the life you dream of because, in order to create the dream reality, you need to accept YOU fully, no matter, your feelings, emotions, or experiences.

Sometimes the art of allowing needs to be a minute by minute choice... either way. it is OK.

Allowing yourself to BE however you are feeling, is not easy or comfortable, but it is deeply supportive, I promise!

The next time you are aware that you are resisting something, be it a feeling or emotion, stop and take a breath. This is when you can choose to allow what you are going through or resist it. But what we resist never really goes away.

Open up an inner dialogue with yourself, acknowledge what you are feeling and going through, and then choose to be OK with feeling what you are feeling, no matter how uncomfortable. Many times it is just that, allowing it, that creates change. It does not have to feel comfortable but just acknowledged and accepted! This is where the power is.

No matter what you are going through it does not take away your worth. It may sound weird that I am saying that, but honestly this is where we go, feeling unworthy or unloved. Or like we are less valuable if you are going through the shit storm. But that is not true.

So I am here to tell you just that...

You are so worthy of being and feeling loved no matter how you are feeling about yourself or experiences.

Choose to love you today! And choose to allow YOU and all that you are going through. Knowing that who you are authentically is so beautiful.

This is a great time to try new things, do new things, connect and reach out to people that will hear YOU and support you.

With love,

Wendy Anne Walker


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