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Repeat After Me

Today I am feeling broken inside, Have you ever felt like that? Like all the little pieces in life are just not fitting together.

It can feel like a really uncomfortable space to be in


The beauty in this space of feeling like I am broken,

Is that I am seeing all the things in my life that are not in alignment with me right now.

I am seeing and feeling (loud and clear) all the places in my life that I want to change or experience in a different way.


Every time I up level

I go into this space of feeling broken like nothing is right, and nothing is working out

Because I need to,

I need to see and experience what I don’t want to know and feel what I do want

Because the truth is,

Everything IS working out, it always is!

It is just NOT feeling comfortable

And that IS ok.

I can accept that I am feeling uncomfortable I can accept that I am feeling broken, I can accept and love me deeply through this whole process


Because I am NOT broken

AND because no matter how I am feeling or what I am experiencing

I am whole, I am loved and I am deeply supported.

If you too are feeling any emotions that are uncomfortable

I offer this prayer for you, repeat after me (preferably out-loud)

Higher Self, and Source Energy

Anywhere I am feeling out of alignment and taking it on as “my fault” or anywhere I am belittling myself for feeling the way I am, please clear, delete, release and transmute that. Across all time dimension, space and realities. Thank you


Now place your hand on your heart, take a nice deep breath and tell yourself that right now in this moment, you are choosing to just love and accept YOU, however you are.

Because the being that you are is so magnificent, promise!

Please comment below with an emoji or message if you joined in for our prayer.

Sending you all blessings, With love, Wendy Walker

If you want to be a part of an online community where vulnerability is honored and you are deeply supported then join me in my Soul Sisters Sacred Soul Temple Space!

Here we will share our lives, uncensored and authentically because after all NO ONE is PERFECT!




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