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Questions to ponder ♥️

Where are your thoughts holding you back, in past trauma & self limiting beliefs?


Have you ever thought about this before?

I know that you experience it in your life, we all do, but have you ever thought about your thoughts?

And what toxic re-occurring thoughts you are having daily, weekly or monthly?

When I say toxic, I am referring to the thoughts that make you feel like your not enough, or that your wrong or anything that belittles the amazing being that you truly are.

Unconsciously we have thousands and thousands of thought each day...

But are these thoughts feel good ones or feel bad ones?

If they are feel bad, they are usually toxic,

Toxic to your soul.

It can be uncomfortable at times to ponder these kind of questions, I get it, but I also get the magic that happens and the healing that may take place simply by allowing yourself to go here,

To open up to new awareness of your inner world.

Because when depression sets in, it's the inner thoughts that create such a toxic inner world.

And no one deserves this, to have to continually go through pain and suffering from false truths you are telling yourself.

And so many of the women I work with, it's this,

Opening this up,

Bringing in these awarenesses in a loving way,

That really allows healing and growth to take place.

Today, I share this all with you, to spark inner healing and growth within you,

Because you don't know until you do,

And it's when you do know, that you can choose new.

And this is where I see the biggest growth in my clients.

I invite you to ponder this today, bring in awareness of what is this for you,

And from a space of love and curiosity not judgments and self criticism, because this takes away your awarenesses and places you right back into the ick.

We all have "stuff", we are supposed to because we are here to heal,


Each other,

And our ancestral lines,

That have been passed on to you!

And if doing this work alone is not something

you like to do, I invite you to connect with me for a FREE 30 minute connection call.

We are all in this School of Life together ❤️

Much love, always

Wendy Anne Walker - Awaken to Your Authentic Self


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