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Life is NOT meant to not be hard!

It's it NOT easy for a reason, we'll many reasons!

If life was easy we would never grow, wonder, expand and explore like we do.

Each experience that we have shapes us,

The good,

The bad,

The ugly


Life is meant to have them all,

When I work with someone be it in circle, or 1 one 1, I never teach you that if you do AB and C, life will always be better...

Because it won't be,



And struggles can take us down for a while yes

But they make us grow,

And it is in this...they are needed and will be off and on in life until we die.

Because we are continually growing

Life is not meant to not be hard

Life is meant to be enjoyed,

To xperience trillions and trillions of breathtaking moments, along with all the OTHER stuff.

And it's OK to not be positive all the time.

You don't have to be positive all the time,

It's a huge lie

But what would deeply support each and every one of us to be ACCEPTING.


There is a HUGE power when we can accept the things around us.

Not necessarily like or even love them (persons, places, or things),

But just accept, that is how it is and this is just how you feel in this moment around it and life

And it is Ok!

And making nothing wrong with any of that that you are feeling, going through or experiencing ever.

Because it's not wrong.

I find humans so fascinating on how we work, and operate from past experiences and traumas. (I can see it so clearly because I have been doing this work for almost 10 years and beyond).

And we all have these, myself included, (this is the "beyond" comment above🤣).

It's because of my past life experiences, traumas and blessings that I am here, writing this for you. It's Important for you to know, ypu deserve love, always Never less!

When you gather in cirlce or work 1 on 1 with me, we learn to go deep, hear the things your life is speaking to you, how it is operating in your life and in this awareness take the next right step for you, whatever that may be.

We are all in this School of Life together ❤️

Let's grow and learn to accept our amazing selves a little bit deeper.

I invited you to gather in my Soul Circle ~ In-person and experience you.

And a side note, I have 2 spots available for my 1 on 1 Programs if your incredibly ready to Awaken and grow.

May your day be filled with much love and laughter & the reminder that your doing nothing wrong and everything right it's OK to be where you are, and it's OK to feel what you do about it all.

I see you,

I love you,

I am here with you

Much love, always

Wendy Anne Walker - Awaken to Your Authentic Self


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