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It is time to DANCE!

Feelings of being unsafe, Unloved, and/or Unsupported

Are usually signs of trauma, held in your lower chakras

In the last few months, this has been apart of my journey. Healing, and working with myself and my "traumas/trigger points" to heal the places within me that are asking to be healed so I can step into a better version of me. One that feels even more authentic and in alignment with who I am.

As uncomfortable as this all is, I am so thankful and grateful for all the new layers shedding, shifting, and awakening for me.

Changes are coming, ones that are making my life even more dreamy! What could be better than that?

Ask yourself these questions below and see if they can support you, too, to gain clarity or awareness into what is showing up for you to see, observe, and then shift, the best way for you.

What challenges have you been experiencing? Write them down, how do they connect with each other (because they will in some way)?

In what area (or areas) of your life?

What are they asking you to work on, heal, or let go of? There may be a few things, no answer is wrong, just see what shows up for you, trust yourself.

COVID is definitely showing and bringing these areas to the light. Reflect on all the places you are unhappy, disappointed, or fearful of doing what you feel or know you

need to.

These are the places your mindset needs to shift or change. Either about yourself, someone else, or maybe even your perspective about something.

These challenges allow you to go there (as awful at it feels during it), it gives you a chance to heal, each time they arise but it is your choice if you will or not.

Use these questions to bring in a new awareness for you, with NO judgment on them or you, because why? That just makes you feel crappy and you don't need to. You are amazing, no matter what, even when you feel like you are not. We just want awareness, not self-judgments. The judgment actually takes you out of the awareness stage and put

you the yuck of it, (which never feels awesome, not even a little bit). So why?🤔

Healing can feel very raw, vulnerable, and super uncomfortable so it is EXTREMELY important to be easy on yourself. Laugh of the small stuff, love yourself through your emotional messes because it is OK to be a mess for a while. And it is OK to not be too, whatever you are feeling is OK and valid.

Trauma in your lower chakra's (from this lifetime, be it ancestral, generational, from a different lifetime), it is vital to MOVE or the energy can stay there way longer then it is needed.

💃Dancing and moving your lower body through movement is deeply supported to allow stuck energy to move, flow, and release.

When is the last time you danced?

I challenge you today to take time to reflect on the above questions to bring in new awareness (not self-judgment) and then DANCE!

I make it one of my morning practices, and I love it (most days, hahaha)!

If you are like me and have felt or feel not safe, unloved, and unsupported more often then you would like...

Then do this...

Dance every day for a week.

Depending on your fitness level push yourself to break a sweat each day.

Here is a song which I love and felt called to share...

Or another one that is high energy and makes you feel good about you!

And then notice how your days go, how you feel, how it supports you.

💕Sending you so much love💕

Remember you are AMAZING, Beautiful Soul.

No matter the stepping stone you are on currently on, along your journey...

You are so worthy of feeling and being loved,

I see you, I feel you, I love you, I will witness you and adore you!

With Love,

Wendy Anne



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