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When you are going through a tough time in your life that is challenging.......

REMEMBER how amazing and beautiful you are.

These situations/challenges arise to help guide you to step into your power.

This may sound crazy for some but the way you greet and face these challenges effect your whole state of being. Do you face these times with an unconditional self-love, allowing yourself the space to connect within and just be with the emotions showing up?

By doing this you honour yourself and your whole being. This also allows you to be clearer in the decisions you may need to make while allowing you to be present to the lessons being presented to you.

It amazes me that the "normal" reaction to the challenges that arise in life is abusive self-talk, neglect on one's own health and the chaotic mind chatter that keeps you feeling like shit.

All of these put on top of an issue that has shown up makes you want to disconnect, hide or run away; leaving you more confused and upset because you personally are not ok. it takes away the power you have within and gives it away.

So remember to honour and love yourself no matter what life lessons showing up. Your inner goddess is ready and waiting for the lessons as long as you take care of yourself......

You got this!!


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