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I love you, let's normalize that.

When you interact with me,

be it in my circles, workshops, one on one programs, or in passing

I will meet you where you are at,

I will honor where you are

and I will hold loving space for you, to feel heard and valued.

Because this is my truth, I couldn't be any other way, it doesn't feel right for me anymore.


We are all here for a reason,

We are here to learn, grow and evolve ...

To experience this life and all it has to offer

The good

The bad

The ugly

And the super ugly

We all have stories,

We all have pasts

We have all done things,

Said thing,

and still hate ourselves for it, am I right?

But this does not make you

Any LESS than anyone else,

You're NOT....



Or Unworthy

🫵You, Beautiful Soul,

Deserve MORE LOVE,


This is my passion,

This is the thing that fills my heart...

When I get to sit with women in my circles, workshops, or one on one programs,


Watch women heal themselves,

Simply by gaining new awarenesses, new perspectives, and new insights...

All while being held, supported and met were they are, it's potent!

They are re -wiring thier brains to trust their own inner guidance, thier truth.

This is my passion, my life is so much better when I am serving my mission, which is serving you. I am here because of you, thank you.

I see you

I feel you,


I love you

We are all in this together

Book your FREE 30 MINUTE CONNECTION, I am here for you if you want support

Much love, always

Wendy Anne Walker - Awaken to Your Authentic Self

🫶Keep a look out for upcoming workshops and circles. We all need support, let's feel together and heal together🫶



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