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"I am not doing Enough"

Have you ever told or felt those words as truth for you? Have you ever told yourself that you are doing enough or that what you have done was not enough?

I know I have and that it can cause a lot of guilt, shame and blame towards yourself when you feel this. The guilt, shame, and blame for thinking you should have done better or known better in some way.


Why do we continually beat ourselves up? Why is this the first place to go and why is it so accepted as normal?


Holding yourself to that standard, feeling like you could and should have done more or better (more often than not), will leave you feeling like you are not enough. This is such a false truth some live by.

I am here to tell you if you are reading and resonating with this post...

That you are enough, even when you feel like you are not. You try your best at everything you do, don’t you?

It may not turn out “your best” in the end, in your opinion, but you try your best, always!

I know this...

That in any given moment, with who you are, and what you are experiencing, you are always trying your best! And that is all that counts. That’s all you can do, so take a deep breathe and allow yourself to know that


Take time to do nothing, and be ok with it, take time to enjoy life, and take time to say

NO to the things you do not really want to do, it is OK to do so. YOU ARE DOING ENOUGH BEAUTIFUL SOUL, it is now time to let yourself know that too!

Sending you so much love, Wendy Anne Walker

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