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How do you show self-love within?

How do you show self-love within?


What are the things you say to yourself? How often? And why not often enough?

With me, self-love starts within, by the words you speak to yourself, the phrases you say and the acceptance and forgiveness you have for yourself.

Because Sweet Soul,

We are not perfect,

No one is

But it's in THAT..

Our Imperfectness

That we are truly amazing

The way you work

Is not the way I work

And what you do

I couldn't do like you can

And vise versa.

We are not meant to be the same,

Live the same way,

Dress the same way,

Have the same things,

Or like all the same things.

For me, this is one way I express self love...

It's in the acceptance of who I am, the good, Bad and Ugly.

I can accept I am not meant to be perfect anymore and be ok with that.

This is one way of expressing self love.

Can you open the door to self love even more?

I would love to hear your thoughts and storie if you are willing to share.

If you are ready to awaken to your authentic self even more, I invite you to gather with me in my Soul Circle ~ In Person this Thursday at 7:30 pm

Much love, always

Wendy Anne Walker - Awaken to Your Authentic Self


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