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How are you today

How are you today?

How are you feeling and doing in this moment?

Just take a minute and take a few deep breaths and acknowledge this within you...

(Breath in, breathe out....ahhhhh!)

And no matter what you feel or experience...

Know that it is OK.

Your ok,

Even if you may feel a bit 'unbalanced' within

Because let's get real,

This is life,

This is the place where we become unbalanced!

And it's actually a gift

As crazy as this may make me sound, lol.

So what's the gift in this, You may be wondering?

Do you know?

What if it is as simple as you learning to be OK with where you are,

With NO judgments around it,

Just acceptance... and in this I don't mean you have to always like where you are,

Because that's impossible.

But what if the gift is supporting YOU to learn what YOUR balance is?

We are all uniquely designed and what your balance is, may not be what another person's is.

In this moment know it's OK to accept you, all of you and it's OK to not be in 'balance' and that's more than OK too!


Learning your balance is a gift and being OK to accept where you are (in this moment) is more than okay...

It won't last forever, nothing ever does,

The one constant is change

I see you, I hear you, We are all in this together

May your day be filled with gifts of seeing YOU and accepting you with where you are at.



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