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Hold on, your not alone.

When you feel lost, alone, and in pain,

Hold on love,




And cry some more

There are some moments in life this is all that can be done.

You are not alone,

Feel the pain,

Allow yourself to cry,

To scream,

To let it out until it feels like there's nothing left.

You are not alone,

This will pass dear one,

And you will rise again.

If you are here reading this,

I appreciate you,

Even if your not in this space now,

We all go here,

And it's OK,

Allow yourself to be held,

And remember this will pass,

And you will rise again!

You always do,

And you always will.

We are here together, in this, because we are all connected.

I see you,

I hear you


I love you

You are meant to be here

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Much love, always

Wendy Anne Walker - Awaken to Your Authentic Self



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