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Feeling NOT ok?

It is OK to NOT be OK

It is OK to feel like your world is falling apart (at times)

It is OK to not feel happy And joyous Or excited And peaceful

But it is NEVER ok to hurt yourself

Feelings and emotions will come and go

Some day’s good, others amazing with some awful days too

This is life.... Knowing and accepting how you feel is important. And knowing that it is OK to feel what you are feeling is profoundly important.

Feelings and emotions are teachers, they show you what you like, what you don’t and what you need and desire.

Honor them

Honor YOU

The amazing & beautiful soul that you are!

When you feel not good, that’s OK.

What can you do today to honor that?

Read a book, take a nap, put on your favourite song and dance?

There are an infinite amount of things we can do to support us.

But the most important thing is to be OK knowing you don’t feel OK

Sending so much love to anyone that is going through a tough time, feeling alone, unloved and supported😔.

I am here, I feel you


I know you are worthy of being and feeling loved.


Remember that there absolutely NO ONE out there just like you

You are unique

You are one of a kind

And I will love you💕 & hold space for you💕🙏

With love,

Wendy Anne Walker



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