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February Soul Circle

What energy is your Soul asking you to step into? This month bring awareness into the new energy you want to step into this year. Is it love, support, abundance, acceptance …etc. What is your word for 2019? This February's Soul Circle I have been guided to support you to bring awareness to the new energy your Soul is longing for you to step into. We are continually evolving while we are here living on this planet whether we want to or not. Resisting this evolution can make life more painful, heavy and traumatic. The vibration of our planet is changing and as it does we are asked to awaken, learn to unconditionally love yourself and others, and to live in joy. That is hard to believe, isn’t it? No one really lives like that, right...?

Wrong! More and more men and woman all over the world are stepping into this. Stepping into unconditionally loving themselves and living in joy.

It is the belief itself, that you can’t have joy, that is the fantasy. It’s not the case! We are shown a way to be, think and operate in life by our parents, guardians, teachers, friends, social media and culture. But all the things you have been taught may not truly be authentic to you but that is all you know. So much so, that you are doing it unconsciously. You know no other way or that you are even doing what you are doing. You are just living, one life struggle to the next, with some small joy in between but never really feeling fulfilled, completely loved or supported. How do you start to change this?  To start to heal, feel lighter, love yourself unconditionally, laugh at the small stuff and take each life challenge as that, a new challenge to conquer?  So how do you do this? Simple… You awaken to your authentic self. You discover YOU. You learn to work with life in flow and acceptance. This is what I do, I support you to awaken to YOU.  Think of these experiences as life's initiations. I say this because each experience you have, you change and grow. The most painful ones are the deepest personal growth, they are the lessons you need to change and evolve into the person you were meant to be. And through each new change within you, through your initiations, you are ready to receive new ways of being YOU and changing the way you live your life. Our challenges in life are our initiations into the next stage in your life. Join me this month as you become clear on this energy for you. I will support you and gift you tools and techniques so you can do this in a powerful way. If this speaks to you, join us as you are ready, the is for you.

Our Soul Circle all month will be working with this.



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