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Weekly Soul Circle gathers ONLINE via ZOOM

We are now Virtual~ Join us from the comfort of your home.

Monday Evenings @ 7pm (PDT) OR Tuesday Mornings @ 9:30 am (PDT)

Connect with like-minded women...

Share your truth, and hear their experiences. 

Experience a raw, unfiltered, and beautiful space of women discovering and uncovering places within them. 

This is a judgment-free space for you to learn, grow and awaken to YOU...

your true self. 

Hello & Welcome Beautiful Souls!

I have created a safe, sacred, nurturing space for you to Discover YOU...

learn who you really are...


that WHO she AMAZING...

and that it is OK to not be OK sometimes...

Just show up as YOU are, wear comfy clothes, and know that HOWEVER, you are feeling... is OK. If you want to just show up and be in the loving energy, go through the questions, and not share... then do that... It is not mandatory to share if you do not feel like it. You do you and what is right for you.

If you want to change or shift anything in your life it must start from within. This is exactly what I have created; a space where you can go deep and learn you, the real you underneath all the limitations and conditioning.

   Join us, heal and learn what unconditional love really is.

Join me in a safe and sacred virtual circle of women, as I take you on an inner journey.

Make sure you are in a quiet and uninterrupted space, for yourself and others!
Please have something to drink, paper and a pen with you.

Gather with us weekly, as we grow, awaken and connect with our authentic selves!

The exchange for Soul Circle is $20 unless you can't afford that, then reach out. I am here to fully support you!

Check out our Facebook group for the next Weekly Soul Circle

The current topic of Weekly Soul Circle is all around your Money Story.

 Are you ready to change and experience a new relationship with money?

Monday Evenings @ 7pm (PDT) OR Tuesday Mornings @ 9:30 am (PDT)

Gather with us on zoom here

For more information message me (below) or join our Facebook Group.

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