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Exploring control & where it may show up for you ❤️

For so many, CONTROL, is thier safety place.

Control over themselves, others, roles/masks, vacations, thoughts, emotions, feelings...

There are so many places one can cantrol, (these are just a few examples).

It feels comfortable to feel like you 'know' what's going to happen, right?

But why?

Take a moment and ponder this...

What thoughts show up from this?

When you read this post, to this point, what are you thinking?

What thoughts about yourself and control are showing up?



Notice today where your need for Control comes up.

We all have these places and spaces within us, this is the journey of life...

And Control isn't 'bad'

But depending how much and where it is,

It can be really holding you back.

So I challenge you today, dear sweet Soul,

To just bring in awareness around this...

Can you notice it throughout your day?

Or can you spend a little bit longer pondering these questions?

(And not from your head, but from your heart).

We have this conditioned way of responding from our heads...

Like, when we are asked something we have to search out the answer and find it fast, because time is of essence as your in a conversation. This is the norm at the moment,

Would you agree?

But I am asking you to come from the heart space,

and see what wants to show up,

to show you what's there.

I like to say...

Imagine a rectangular box over your heart/chest, and inside this box,

Is the question your asking,

and your letting it bounce around in the box,

As long as it needs,

Until the answers come up to meet you.

Because there is no searching or needing the answer now,

Your just allowing it be bounce around until the answers come up to meet you,

from your heart space.

The answers may really surprise you.

And never any judgments around this, what arises...


Judgments just take away the awarenesses, and are never needed.

You are NOT wrong,

You are NOT broken,

And you are NOT failing

You are on a journey just like everyone else,

And that is ok,

Where you are is ok,

It's more than ok

We are all in this together

More then we really know.

I see you,

I hear you,

And I am here for you.

Reach out anytime, Beautiful Soul.

Much love, always

Wendy Anne Walker


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