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Do you ever find yourself questioning life?

Do you ever find yourself questioning your life,

Your choices,

Or yourself?

It can feel like an incredibly uncomfortable place to be,

I get it,

I believe we all go there in different points in life.

But I feel its actually an important place to go and be at times,

No matter how uncomfortable it can be.

You may be thinking "why" or "how can I say that" because I don't think there is anyone that enjoys being in that space


Think about it for a minute 🤔

When you are there,

When you are in the space of questioning things,

What do you actually gain?

You gain clarity,

You gain insight

And you can feel the things you are happy with and that you are not happy with.

These things are really important because they give you direction and clarity.

It's often in the dark places we gain this, and it's not wrong being in these spaces...

Uncomfortable yes, it can feel the hardest to be there

But today I wanted to open this up with you because we have been taught or take on that being here, in the discomfort is not good.

It feels awful but it's a place we're you can see, feel and experience your life amd yourself in a different way.

One that allows you to see the places you would like to change, shift or maybe even let go.

In life we are continually evolving and it's in the hard, dark places that can help us Excell.

Remember love, there's nothing wrong with you.

You are needed, valuable and so very important.

Thank you for being here, we are all in this School of Life together ❤️

When you dip into these places, please be extra gentle with yourself amd remember it won't last, but it's a place to gain new insights and clarity, for you, and your life.

And remember to reach out to friends, family and your safe people when you need to.

Much love, always

Wendy Anne Walker - Awaken to Your Authentic Self


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