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Changing the norm

How are you?

When you read this question, what was your first response? When we are asked, (usually in person) how we are, it's is social norm to say, "I am good", even when we are not.

Why is this?

Ok I get that we all can't just drop life's drama bomb on to anyone


Why is it the norm to say things are OK when they're not.

So many people go through life feeling broken, or like a burden, and feel they have to go through it alone.

We don't need to hold everybody's challenges,

That's not our job

But what is our job... Is to honor, Accept and love people

Where they are at.

From my many years of hosting circles, workshops, and working one-on-one with clients,

I have found the most healing and impactful thing we can do...

Is to hold space for one another!

To hold space is not to make anyone feel anyway, really,

It is just listening curiously with love in the heart.

Because what the magic of holding does, it....

Honors, Hears, Sees, Adores And loves

A person in the moment Of right where they are

Because where they are is not wrong Or bad Or not ok

It's more than okay to be right where you are, It's a step in the journey

And that's always the right place to be.

Let's change this dynamic of feeling it's not ok to share you're not ok,

No stories or explanations are needed, Just love and presence.

Who you are, Right now, In this very moment

Is beautiful

I love you, I hear you, I see you

May your day be filled with moments of peace and love.



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