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Remember love, challenges come and go,

And they are supposed to,

For each and every one of us,

They are here to push us,

Challenge us,

To grow,



And let go of the places, spaces and at times people that are no longer serving us.

But please do remember that challenges are never here to

Take us down,

Consume our light,

Say we are wrong

Or a failure

Even though this can be where we go,

So, reach out, share authentically with friends, family and loved ones,

Let them hold you,

Remind you, you are here for a reason

You are needed,

Loved and so very special

Even just for a while

This is one reason that community is important, we all need support at times

We can't do this life alone

And we are not supposed to

If you feel you have worries and questions, that are consuming you...

Don't hold them in, or stay in them,

Take some time alone,

Say a little prayer

Ask all the questions,

Start with "How"

And then let them go

Allow the answer to come through spontaneous

It's not about getting the answers so much

As asking for support, putting it out there, not holding so tightly to the unknown that you are not even supposed to know just yet!

Because each challenge is a transformation, the bigger they are the bigger transformation you are going through.

Uncomfortable, YES, painful, OFTEN, but you are strong and you will get through each one,

Just as you have always done!

I am here for you,

I see you

I hear you

And I love you,

We are all in this together

Much love, always

Wendy Anne Walker - Awaken to Your Authentic Self


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