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Being Perfect is an Illusion

Do you ever feel the struggle and pressure of needing to be perfect? To have everything in order and everything taken care of and always having the perfect mood or mindset?

It is a very unrealistic ideal to live from that often creates anxiety and stress. So what is perfect really?

Here are some questions to ponder today:

When did you learn that you had to be perfect?

What does your "perfect" look like for you?

What age did it start from? Because usually is it is something we learn from a very young age, and often you're a people-pleaser on top of that and don't take the best care of yourself either. Ponder this question and give yourself a break. Acknowledge that we are all so beautiful and unique and authentically perfect, flaws and all.

Life is really just too short. It is mind blowing the amount of time, energy, and money we waste... and for what? If you could just do one thing... be gentler on you.


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