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Be you authentically…

What does this really mean?

Do you know?

Have you ever throught about what it actually


And if you have, what are your thoughts?


I would like to share with you my opinion

Because I am all about awakening to our authentic self, it’s a passion of mine.

And from my experience,

It’s a continual always changing, life journey.

We are always changing, growing, healing, and awakening

So being authentic will be continually changing within you, as you do.

It’s when you start remembering that we all have flaws, challenges, we all mess up, make love and have epic life experiences.

We are all different but also so much the same as we all seek good feeling experiences, soulful interactions and love.

And no one is beneath or above anyone else, we are all spirit.

(Some more traumatized and abandoned than others but we are all equal)

From these rememberings it’s easier to BE YOU,

Because we are currently told and have been for generations, how to be, how to show up, what is polite and appropriate and what is not.

To fit a mold

A mold that definitely does not fit our authentic self, not completely.

And what is your authentic self, is not my authentic self, and so on. It’s unique and different for each of us.

And that’s so beautiful.

Living authentically is feeling good to saying yes to things and no to things, in accordance to you, not anyone else.

Following that inner compass and being ok with all the sides within, because we all have them.

Being authentically you is doing what is your right, and showing up from there.

There is no right or wrong it’s what is your right and your wrong, from your heart.

It’s a journey not a destination

And it’s step by step, breathe by breath

Who you are is AMAZING, Beautiful Soul.

Let your inner light shine brighter because it naturally does the more and more you BE YOU💕

Let’s take a step in this journey together, I invite you to join me in my virtually Monthly Soul Circle, this Wednesday evening.

Much love, always

Wendy Anne Walker



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