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Be Perfect... Because of all your imperfections!

Be Perfect... Because of all your imperfections!

Perfection is always changing, in the eye of the beholder.

It's an illusion, everyone's idea of perfect is different

But mostly still skewed...

Because the version of Perfect or Perfection is not "supposed" to have an imperfect side.

But why not?


Let's re-define Perfection 🤗

And include imperfections

Because it's in these that also make us perfect

It creates the unique individual that we all are.

We all have things we are amazing at,

And things we are ok at,

And things we are not good at.

And it's in that, that unique mix that create the unique version that YOU are!

So why would be want to take that out.

Life is messy,

We make "mistakes"

And we are all in this together ❤️

Much love, always

Wendy Anne Walker - Awaken to Your Authentic Self

I invite you to gather with me in my Soul Circle this Thursday in my sacred Tipi Space!!!!

I am so excited, I have been working hard to get it up and running and this Thursday is the first Soul Circle here.


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