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Authentic & Real is the NEW "perfect"!

Authentic & Real is the NEW "perfect"!

It's time to let go of trying to be everything and perfect!

We are all here with things we are AMAZING at

Because we all have gifts and places we we Excell!

And we all have thongs we are here to bring awareness to and heal.

No one is perfect in all area, the areas we are amazing in, and we thrive in, are the places we can show up perfect because it's easy.

And then there are the other places where we may not know any better, or we may ignore, hide, push down,and block out with numbing ourselves.

We have been taught and shown for generations to ignore these parts because that is how our ancestors taught them.

But the real truth is that we all have all parts to us just arranged in different areas.

We can't be perfect at everything. It's driving a huge part of our global community crazy. And we don't talk about it, like we should.

Let's change this. Let's make Authentic & Real the new perfect.

Which in that means,

You accept your flaws

You accept your challenges and

You let go of balme, shame, guilt, and this perceived way that you "should be,"

But you're not,

Because you're not supposed to be

It's the ideals that have been shown and modeled to you,

And it's OK to not go with them

Or to not like them

This is your life

And you are here to be you

Not follow anyone but your truth

May you accept all of you,

The good, the bad, th ugly

And the amazing!

Because we all have these

Just in different areas

And in that is your perfection

The reasons why you are here and you!

I see you


Much love, always

Wendy Anne Walker

I am here for you and because of you.

I invite you to gather with me, virtually, this Wednesday at 7:30pm PST in my Nourished Mommas Circle. It is for Momma's who are ready to awaken to their authentic selves and explore the role of motherhood and all that is attached with that, for you.



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