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Are you a personal growth and spiritual junkie too?

Are you like me, always interested and eager to learn how I can make life better, or learn to love myself more?

I always find myself excited to learn and grow, especially when I am looking for new audio books or when I am facing life's challenges, because these are the biggest opportunities for us to grow, in our own life.

The bigger the challenge, the deeper the growth is. This is for us all if we realize it or not.

For me, this is what I am drawn to, and it's where I spend my extra money, time, awareness, and energy.

And as I grow older and wiser

And live through more of life's experiences,

I am really learning, feeling, and experiencing the benefits of my lifelong passion.

I was an extremely shy child, teenager, and adult.

If you asked me to host circles and workshops with groups of women, I would have been like,

No Way

I can't do that.

And I would have held myself back

Like I always did

But I did that because of how I felt about myself.

I mean, I loved myself, kind of, at least to what I was shown,

And saw or experienced, and then I took that in.

But what was that really?

It was conditional and selective and here and there.

Like only when I was a certain weight

Or when I was all done up and loving my appearance.

Or when things in life felt they were going my way, which wasn't often.

I didn't realize it, but I was also my own biggest, meanest, nastiest bully


I mean way worse than anyone in my life had been

Because now I was THEIR voices

But in my head

And I was continually on,

Be-litting myself in my inner world or shaming or guilting myself (in some which way or another).

I didn't really know that this was even going on inside,

At least not the extent or as to how often I would make a challenging situation

Even more challenging

Just simply by the way I would speak to myself

Or the things I would think

Or feel about it me.

And when I dug even deeper, I discovered it was all the important and close people in my life, thoughts about me,

Or wants,

Or desires.

I was a people pleaser and became really good at learning to shape shifts for who I felt others wanted wanted me to be.

I used to feel proud about it until I learned it wasn't a good thing at all.

Because I was losing myself and putting myself last by doing this.

I stepped into becoming a Soul Therapist to heal myself because I couldn't be the me I felt I had to be or show up as, anymore. I continually strived to be "perfect" in all ways,

What I perceived perfect to be, anyway!

Have you done this before, strived to be perfect?

I learned hands-on

By working with my own self-discovery of past conditioning and patterns. I, too, have been awakened to who I am, in order to serve you in my highest and fullest integrity.

This is why I love supporting you in this work, because I know how deeply supportive and life altering it can be.

Even if it's right here,

Right now,

You reading this post

And recognizing that in ways we are the same,

Or whatever you may take away from reading this

May you get a takeaway,

That it sparks something in you

It makes you think a new way

Or open the door for your own inner discovery

Then I am fulfilling my mission,

I am being a part of the change I want to see.

And that fills my heart with joy.

Life is about the moments we truly enjoy when we allow ourselves to get out of our heads so we can just be in what is, fully.

Time can pass by quickly, especially as we age, so focus on now, the more moments we are present in, instead of the mind, the more we experience life.

We can use these challenges to take us down the rabbit whole of self-loathing and seeing all things that feel wrong with life,

Or we can see them for what they are.

I invite you...

Gather with me in circle, join me in one of my workshops, or work with me in a Soul Therapy Program, and let me support you to awaken to your authentic self.

We need to love ourselves to evolve, not shame ourselves, and remain stuck!

Life is always going to challenge us, but it's in how we choose to meet these challenges that determine the quality of life we get to experience.

I am here for you, and because of you

Thank you for being here, Sweet Soul,

You matter

And you are needed

Much love, always

Wendy Anne Walker

Message, email, or PM me anytime.

We are all in this School of Life together ❤️



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