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Thank you for being YOU

If you weren’t YOU, life would be different.

Never underestimate the power you have, just being yourself and doing all the things you do, naturally.

All to often life is looked at from the space of not being enough, doing enough or making the impact you wanted, or whatever it is that plays in your background (we all have it)…

But what if who you are right now, in this moment is exactly who you are meant to be and in that, you are enough, always!

Because each day, we all evolve, and take another step into our tue self, if we realize it or not.

We are all doing this together like a giant puzzle, and we are the pieces, and if you weren’t here, or YOU, the peices of the puzzle just wouldn’t fit right, like they do.

So today, here, while you are reading this, please take this in,

You matter more than you can imagine

Thank you for being here and being you💕

We are all in this School of life together.

Much love, always

Wendy Anne Walker


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