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I am here for you

If you are feeling the feels of life, as many are...

Remember you are transforming,

your growing

and healing...

Even if it doesn't feel like it.

But it's through the most painful,

And challenging times in life,

That you transform the most.

At times we need to Crack wide open, and go the the most uncomfortable places and spaces...

To be able to let go, shift perspectives or step into a new space of saying no to other demands


Yes to yours.

Is it painful,


Does it feel like a death inside

Most often it does

But the one thing you will gain, love,

Is you will not come out of this the same person.


Life is pushing and challenging you,

For your own growth

(Even thought it may most definitely not feel like this)

It is not challenging you to feel

You did something wrong,

You failed

Your not good enough

Or that this is a reflection of who you are and that's why your in it...

Because it's not

Your not broken

Your not, not enough

Your not a failure

Your just stepping into another phase in your life

Another challenge asking you to grow and be gentle on the amazing Being that you really are.

Because you are.

And it's when you are in the ick

That you need these constant reminders

These messages,

To remind you....

You are amazing,

You are valuable


And you are enough.

You will get through this.

Allow yourself to do what YOU need for you, to get through this phase.

It's not greedy, or self centered,

It the most loving and supportive thing you CAN do while your in the ick.

We all go here at different times, and it's awful feeling absolutely, but you will be ok.

👇Things may really support you right now...

Get outside in nature

Go for walks, be active, get your body moving

Have authentic conversations with loved ones

Try a meditation

Join other groups with people you feel safe with.

And BE GENTLE ON YOU!!!! This may be the MOST important thing, and hardest.

Your not alone, love,

Many people are going through huge challenges right now and feel the feels like you. And they feel alone too. (BIG HUGS)

🙏One thing I have learned to bring in often is this little prayer "Thank you for reminding me of what I am healing for myslef, and the collective"🙏

Because what you are going through, feeling and healing is for you,

But it is also for the collective

So thank you, thank you for being who you are and going through all that you are.

We are all in this together 🫶

💕And if you just need a quick fix💕


Place your hand on your heart and and repeat after me....

I love you

I love you

I love you

I love you

I love you

I love you.....(KEEP REPEATING)

Keep saying this for at least one minute or longer

No matter how ridiculous it may feel,

Just laugh at it while you do say it

Or maybe even sing it.

This is an amazing technique to bring in often


You deserve MORE love


No matter what!

And of course, I am always here. This is my passion, to support 🫵


am who I am

Because all the pain, and suffering I have experienced in this life.

I get it

I see you

I hear you


I love you.

Much love, always

Wendy Anne Walker - Awaken to Your Authentic Self

I am always here to support you, if you want me to. 💕👆


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