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Awaken with me💕

I remember the first time I started to awaken to my authentic self.

I was in my early 30’s when I learned what it was really, how to start awakening and that it is a life long, beautiful process.

We don’t just one day descide to awaken and then BAM

We are awake! 🤣🤣

It’s a process with many baby steps

And it’s never ending because we have so many layers within us to discover.

(Because, yes, we are that amazing)

So there I was, in my early 30’s, knowing I was living a life that was literally killing me inside.

Because I was living for everyone else and NOT for myself.

I was addicted to working out, personal growth, caring what others thought over what

I thought…

All awhile working full time and raising my 3 nieces and nephew.

Life was full and heavey,

My mind and inner thoughts were full and heavy.

I was continually telling myself what I should have or could have done better or what I didn’t do right.

And this is why I was slowly dying inside.

The way I talked and treated myself (inside) were awful, and then add in an intense life…

This how & why I stepped into my deep healing journey of awakening to my authentic self

And this is why I am so very passionate about supporting you & other women who are ready to embrace life and themselves in a new way.

Because I get life,

I get the heaviness that it can bring

And the heaviness we bring to ourselves (inwardly) on top of it all.

Not many people get to experience our inner world except us

But it’s there, inside, our inner bully, slowly killing off or hiding the parts off us that make us, us!


This takes me to today, where I am currently.

Life can still have moments of being heavy, stressful and intense.

Because this is life and no matter what, we have these moments.

But I can use them to awaken even more, grow more on a personal level, and just love myself through the things that I can’t do anything about.

And in that..

It supports me, to remember who I am, to keep my heart open and loving, not to close it or shut down, like I used to, and to support myself through anything because I know (just like you) I deserve more love, always, not less.

And this is how I want to support you,

For you to remember your truth,

Your inner beauty,

Your light

And that no matter what YOU deserve more love, always, NOT less!

I invite you to gather with me in my Soul Circle as we do this together, with one awakening question at a time.

This Thursday is my in person Soul Circle and next Wednesday is my online Monthly Soul


Will you gather with me?💕

In person~

(Near Winlaw, Passmore area)





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