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Awaken To Your Authentic Self ~ #1

I invite you to take some time &

Awaken To Your Authentic Self

What does it really mean?

It means taking time within, to explore, ponder, bring awareness to different places an displaces within.

We as humans have so many sides, so many places within us that we shut down, ignore, push down, or cover up with numbing out.

I am going to be honest with you, It's not always easy awakening to your authentic self

But neither is ignoring YOU

And continuing to live in/from past patterning and conditionings that you have learned, without even really knowing.

Have you ever has the same (but different) experiences happen in your life?

This is Life School working with us.

We as humans won't change anything unless we have to, and feeling the struggle of challenges in life take us to this.

As uncomfortable as it feels, this is why it shows up.

To trigger us, to open the places we ignore, push down or don't explore.

Today I offer you this invitation of Awakening To Your Authentic Self, a little deeper.

You can really go into, set a sacred time and uninterrupted space to go into this


You can spend a few moments letting this in, pondering it and then asking the universe and letting it go, and seeing what comes into your reality to show you.

You do you, but either way, you are allowing yourself to awaken and open this door wider than it was.

I would love to invite you to Virtual Monthly Soul Circle (under events tab) to dive deeper with us.

But for today I offer you this post💕

Before you begin.....(Questions on image)

Answer from your heart space, there’s no rush to “find” the answer, let the answer meet you. If you feel stuck, place your hand on your heart space and take a few breaths and allow the question to echo in your mind. Then see what meets it.

There is really no way to ever get them wrong, it’s all about you, and what wants to surface from the energy of these questions.

If you choose to take some time, either now or later today, to go inward and ask these questions, you will gain greater awareness and insight into the amazing and beautiful being that you really are.

Because you really are, and know we all

Have trauma, pain stories, messy and shadowy parts. It’s life, we can’t not, so no inner judgments as you go into these either. These are just for awareness purposes not self belittement.

Because Beautiful Soul, this journey is unique to you, for you, and in that, there are no judgments or comparisons.

If you have found this useful and supportive, please share. We need more beings living their authentic life on this earth, step by step we are awakening.

We are all in this School of Life together❤️

And if you are ever desiring to awaken deeper, join me in circle (online & virtual) or in a Soul Therapy Program, I invite you to message me and I will get back to you.

I am here for you and because of you

Much love, always

Wendy Anne Walker - Awaken to Your Authentic Self


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