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Are you being true to yourself? What does that even mean?

If I asked you what does it mean to be true to yourself, how would you respond?

What does being true to you mean, for you?

Take a moment and ponder this...



Growing up...

Family, friends, teachers, and social media have shaped what this means to each of us on a personal level.

From being a child and growing up

You have heard, seen, or felt what other people THINK you should be or do. And if you realize it or not, you have taken some of it, if not, all of it on, as your own, now as you're an adult.

It's common to have a negative inner voice of others...

others' thoughts about you,

others' opinions of you,

others' preferred choices for you,

or others' ideas of how to be

or live life and show up in it

But it is taken as your own inner bully voice, just beating you up continually

But some times

more often than others

Do you feel me, when I say this, can you relate to what I am talking about with this inner voice?

It's rarely the voice of your true self, it is the voice of others that you have heard your whole life,

on how you should be

what you should do

how you should show up

But does their limitations on you, serve you and your soul?

Have you ever asked yourself this before?

Or even taken the time to ponder this?

and that inner voice you hear?

Or have you just taken it as YOUR inner voice?

Wherever you are on your journey, it's OK, it's more than OK

But today, reading this,

I am asking you to take a few moments to ponder this and see what awarenesses and aha moments are here for you,

To discover

To grow from

To bring awareness into

So then, you can start working with this inner voice

Because, sweet Soul

You deserve MORE love,


No Matter what.


It was 4:30 am. As my alarm went off, I remember opening my eyes and rolling over to turn it off.

My eyelids felt heavy and tired, and so did my body.

I did not feel like I had gotten a good rest. But it was rare that I felt I had. I hesitantly rolled my exhausted self out of bed.

It was time to get my morning started... I dreaded getting my morning schedule started. Yet when I did not do it, I felt even worse about myself and that made my day so much harder.

My morning schedule consisted of a 45-minute workout, a 45-minute full face makeup application, a 15-minute hairstyle, and picking out the “perfect” outfit (stilettos and accessories too!)...

Then off to making my morning green juice and smoothy.

All before waking up my 3 nieces and nephew to get ready for school and all the things that are just in that, in itself. It often felt like I had a day before my day even started.

Sure, the kids were taken care of, I looked great, and I was in good shape...

(I looked like I walked out of a magazine most days but I definitely did not feel that way on the inside).

But you see, I did all of the "THINGS" to please others and I felt like I was slowly dying inside.

I was not true to myself and living a life that was authentic for me.

I was living up to what “society” preached.

And I was miserable inside.

I hated myself most days and I had no self-love, heck what did that even mean? Taking myself out to get pampered? That's what I thought it was, getting pampered, materialistically.

Looking back now...

I realize how intense I created my life to be,

Filled with the feeling I was never enough


Always telling myself that I was not good enough.

I created a lot of inner pain and turmoil because I was not true to who I was.

It was not until I started to open the door to my true self that my life started to shift.

I barely wear any make-up anymore,

Exercise has become something I do as fun when I want to

& I wear what makes me feel good.

It's because I have lived a life pleasing and putting others first, always,


Not knowing my own worth because I listened to others

That I don't wish it upon anyone!

That's why I am so passionate about supporting others, and you!

Imagine how it would feel to live life from your true self?

What would change?

And WHY would it change?

Are you ready to experience this shift?

Just pondering this article, these questions...

Allows you to open this door, for you, wherever you are on your journey.

Being true to one's self is honoring who you are.

This means all sides of the amazing being you are...

The good,

Bad and


(Because everyone has these sides, it's not just you)

This is your life, sweet Soul, not anyone else's

And it's time to bring in awareness to the places and spaces where you are more concerned with what others believe you SHOULD Do,


Or feel

Then you are with YOU & what's your truth, (the right thing for you, not them).

The first step to being true to yourself is starting to build a deep unconditional inner love with yourself.

Loving and learning yourself so deeply,

That you acknowledge what you need want and desire from day to day (most days).

It is waking up feeling a cold coming on and saying no to whatever you can for the day (where you can) so you can take care of yourself.


Doing things that you want to because it will bring you joy.

Allowing yourself to love and accept yourself more on the days that you need it.

Because you may be exhausted, feel depressed, or going through a challenge.

Being true to yourself is really honoring you and meeting yourself where you are at,

And being OK with each step in the journey.

Even if you are aware you don't like it,

It's ok to be aware of that,


Choose to be ok with it for the moment,

because it will pass, it always does!

If you are ready to awaken, grow, and love the amazing being that you are more...

Then I invite you to join me,

In my circles (online & in person)

In my workshops (coming in the new year)

And if you are desiring deeper awareness, support, and awakening...

I invite you to connect with me for a FREE consultation for my one-on-one Soul Therapy® programs to see if they are a good fit for you. I still have a few openings for the new year.

Are you ready be to More YOU in 2024?

I would be honored to support you.

Much love, always

Wendy Anne Walker - Awaken to Your Authentic Self


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