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Thrival Guide

Discover A New Way to Experience YOU

Your Journey into YOU Starts HERE.

Each Module will take you on its own journey of self-discovery, learning new ways to be, ones that will feel more authentic and nurturing for you, so you can start loving and honouring the amazing Soul you are.

In this course you will learn why emotions ARE your greatest teachers, the real truth on what supporting yourself is about, and you will gain awareness into how you are currently supporting yourself... so you can then step into a new way, one that deeply supports you. The last module is a guide for you on where to go from here. I have created a list of ways you can start supporting yourself deeper today. You will have tangible ways on how you can support yourself daily (if you choose) and especially when you are going through a challenging time. It is in my hopes that by completing this guide you will have a new way to experiences YOU. A new way to look at yourself, your life and the experiences you're having... while allowing your emotions to guide you so you can then live a life that is in alignment with you.

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This course has helped me make substantial changes in my life. I feel more steady, grounded, and can deal with big emotions and issues with a calmer head and heart.



The module questions for reflection really clarified what my priorities are right now to focus on my own journey of awakening through love.

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Wendy's course is beautifully crafted to support women to truly have more self love and ease with getting to know themselves. I especially love the module on getting to know your emotions.

What is all included?

5 Module Self Guided Video Course including Accompanying PDFs with Lessons and Guided Homework - $1497 Value

Bonuses (+$500 Value)

  • Course Community Facebook Group - Ongoing Support

  • 90 min Group Support Session via Zoom - $197

  • Private 1-Hour Session with Wendy - $150

  • "Discover the Power of Affirmations" E-Book - $49

  • "The Self Love Series" E-Book - $97

Have any questions or would like to explore a payment plan? Contact Wendy here!

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