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A 9-Month Journey to Awaken to Your Authentic Self

Each week we will gather in a sacred circle together with 3 other ladies.

Together each of you will go on your own powerful journey of discovering YOU. Gaining awareness and clarity with what you need to do for you. During these 9 months, you will learn to integrate deeper self-love, building deep connections within yourself and together as a group. Every week you will be given space and time to just be heard and seen and that is powerful. 


You just show up each week and share about your week or what is showing up in your life, in that I will guide you and support you to as you awaken to you and what your life is asking you to see, feel or go into.


Are you struggling?

Feeling lost about what to do right now and life choices?

Feeling unhappy with yourself and where you are in life?

What will you receive during the time you work with me:


I will hold a loving & sacred space for you, you will feel deeply supported and gently guided into discovering YOU. I support you as you awaken to unconscious thoughts, passions, and beliefs. You start experiencing YOUR  life in a different way, You start experiencing yourself from YOU, the real person you are under all the trauma, hurt, anxiety, and stress. All of these feeling and emotions cover up who you truly are. They are your experience because that is what you know. You have had many family members or people in your life show you, tell you or teach you that this is the way life is supposed to be lived. During our time together you will grow, and experience deep inner changes as you are supported as you discover the beauty that is within you.


Each receives a recording of the session to re-listen to and a reminder of the Soul Work for the week.


Investment: $333.00/month for 9 months

LIMITED TIME ONLY -- A couple of gifts from me to you!!

Our first session and our last are one on one sessions with me.

PLUS Bonus Gift ~ Free Workshop! (pick one) 

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