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Remember the Journey

Self Love

It's an inner journey...

A never-ending inner journey.

The older I get,

I love myself deeper

Yet there are still so many places still within asking to be loved ...




More tenderly.

(Can you relate?)

It's not that we haven't done inner work,

That we haven't learned to love more tenderly,

It's just that the other layers there are now ready and seeking love too

There are days it is easy to have self-love

There are days it's almost impossible to feel self-love

And all of this is OK


Self Love is


A destination

But a JOURNEY....

A life Journey.

So no matter where you fall in self-love,

Right now in this moment,

Know you are not a failure,

You have done the work

You are DOING the work

Some days are easier and some days are harder....

This is the same for us all no matter how much personal work we have done.

So where ever you are right now,

No matter how you are feeling,

Just take a breath,

and remember you are doing your best,

And that is all anyone can do in the moment.

You are so imperfectly perfect!

I love you



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