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Self Hatred, let's go here

Self hatred can be intense!

I know we have all gone there in life, at one point.

Doubted, debated and even out right hated the Amazing Being you are.

There are times, to go into this space, humbles us, but the out right meanness we can have, the untruth of who we are, can feel Soul crippling.

If you find yourself here today,

Even by a passing thought or if you are deeply stuck in these thoughts, please know these aren't true thoughts

We all make 'mistakes'

We all do or say things when we are triggered

This does not make you a bad person,

It makes you someone who is asking to be worked with, which we all are.

At each stage of our life, I believe, we need to dip into this space, just for a second (not to stay there or hate ourselves), but to re-evaluate who we are, and who we want to be.

This is the space we get to do that,

We get to choose our truth

We get to choose if we are going to take on another's thought of us,

Or say, or think,

This is NOT my truth,

This is not who I am,

And if I was at one time,

It's not me now

And I am the ONLY one who can choose this!

It's not easy to hear negative things others say,

And let them 'roll of your back'

But it's not fair for you to take them on...

Others opinions of you are just that love,

Others opinions, don't let them be yours.

This is a journey, we all go into spaces and places in this life,

To learn,

To grow,

To evolve

And we are all in this together,

So let's go here,

Let's open this topic up and share

Because it's in the sharing, and going here, publicly, that...

You learn that your not alone,

Nothing is wrong with you, It's just your thoughts around YOU, that need some tlc.

You are loved,

You are whole,

You have a purpose

And you are so needed here

Reach out anytime, it's my passion to support you in these areas!

I see you,

I hear you


I love you.

Remember we all need support💕🙏

I am here and have a few openings if you want to dive deeper into this topic and change your inner dialog.

Much love, always

Wendy Anne Walker - Awaken to Your Authentic Self



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