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It's not yours, love, don't take it on anymore.

When others are unhappy, even with you...

That's there stuff,

That's their trigger,




And negative thoughts

Not yours,

True, we can trigger someone by doing something,


But why is it a trigger for them?

What in that is there stuff to why they are feeling how they are feeling?


But so often others triggers,

Are taken on, as your own

And when this happens

The stress,

The worry,

The anxiety


The feeling like you did something wrong or you are wrong,

Is the story that plays in your background, in your inner world.

And that can feel life sucking.

And if you are like me....

You are taught, and shown to take this on,

As a child

And as an adult it's just what's done,

Because it's what has always been done.

Can you resonate with this?

Have you taken on others' moments of being triggered as your own?

And if so, how often?

Just with friends? Or with family and loved ones too?

Just something to bring awareness into, remember no judgments needed.

But it's in this awareness....

You can see where you are,

Because life can already be challenging without taking on another's stuff on top of all that you already face.

Today, let me be this reminder,

Others triggers are not yours, love.

They can feel like they are, and maybe you did do something you regret, but why is it triggering them?

And if you own it and apologize, that's all that you can do. It's not yours to hold.

Your triggers, emotions and feelings are yours. And thiers are for them.

It's not an easy thing to remember, or allow, but let this be the reminder for today and the seed planted for the other days.

We are all in this together

I see you,

I hear you,


I love you, sweet Soul.

May your Sunday be filled with so much laughter and joyous moments.

And remember love, I am here, reach out, anytime.

Much love, always

Wendy Anne Walker - Awaken to Your Authentic Self


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